About us

Cravings can strike us at any time. Taste buds tickle for something new and anew. Foodlore is in search of these unique tastes from across the world. Food is all about experiencing different cultures and exploring new tastes! At Foodlore, we travel far and wide and remote places, sampling and sourcing unique foods and flavours and bring them straight to your doorstep to satisfy your cravings. Foodlore brings together our two great interests, Food and Travel. At Foodlore we will bring to you unique foods from interesting places. Along the way we hope to bring to you our collective stories from interesting people and places.

We are excited to share our discoveries with you, and we hope that our website will inspire you to try new things and embark on your own culinary adventures.

 On foodlore.in we invite you to create a community of creators. We have designed foodlore.in as a platform where you can share your food secrets, critique, collaborate and create! Your recipes will be published across platforms for all to enjoy


Food & Stories from across the world