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Food is all about experiencing different cultures and exploring new tastes! At Foodlore, we travel far and wide and remote places, sampling and sourcing unique foods and flavours and bring them straight to your doorstep to satisfy your cravings.

Embrace the title of a true Food Explorer, earned through your insatiable curiosity and fearless palate!

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The Real Foodlore Instant Masala and Mix

Other than holding misconceptions that South Indians eat rice and North Indians... 

The Unique

Technology development is unstoppable. Food technology is no exception. In this journey,... 

The Exotic

Occasionally we all get cravings to try something completely out of our... 

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Hey there, fellow Food Explorers! We know that finding the best food around town is a calling, and not just a hobby. That's why we want you to join our cult of culinary adventurers, united in our passion for discovering the most delicious dishes out there! As one of our esteemed explorers, you'll be part of an exclusive community that's always on the hunt for the next great meal. If you know a dish that’s too good to keep to yourself, something you had from your last trip, from your neighboring corner shop, from a far off land or a home cook with a secret, age-old recipe - please help us discover it! Share your insider knowledge and get featured as the go-to-food explorer for the best eats in town. Together, we'll create a culinary movement that's too tasty to resist!