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KOKA Noodles – KOKA Original Mi Goreng Noodles

KOKA Noodles – KOKA Original Mi Goreng Noodles

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Go Beyond Maggie. Explore our range of unique instatnt noodles from Singapore



  • Singapore, a culinary melting-pot where food of all cuisines, flavours, and textures are celebrated.
  • Everyone has a favourite KOKA. Whether as a snack cramming for exams , or a warm treat on a rainy day.
  • There are many ways to enjoy our delicious noodles! Different noodles should be prepared differently. Simply follow the instructions on the pack to find out how to whip up a hearty bowl of noodles! Experiment with a variety of vegetables, proteins and garnishes to enrich and further spice up your meal.


Noodles: wheat flour, palm oil, salt

Seasoning: fried onion, sugar, salt, hydrolysed soy protein, garlic, flavor enhancer (E621), black pepper, colour (caramel).

Sause/oil: canola oil, sweet soya sauce and chilli sauce (sugar, chilli, salt, soy, acidity regulator (acetic acid) and preservatives (E211, E223), flavouring (contains sesame)

Cooking Instructions

Step1: Cook noodles in boiling water for 2-3 minutes

Step 2: Mix all seasoning together on a plate while noodles are cooking

Step 3: Drain noodles well and transfer to plate

step 4: Mix noodles with seasoning and serve


Store in a cool and dry place

Shelf Life

12 months from the date of manufacturing

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